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Hi, I have several thresholds at home that the i9,2 easily can traverse and does so on occasion. But in certain circumstanses, bright sunligt or just a grumpy robot, it decides not to go over. A great function would be to put a sort of "OK to pass" function on the floor plan so the robot knows that a certain threshold is safe to go over.

The frustration that builds up when it sometimes cleans everything fine but the next time it totally forgets that it has traversed the same spot 5 times before but now, today, something is off and it goes home. Or tries to go home i should say, sometimes it´s on the way home this happens and only 1/3 of the appartment gets cleaned and the robot gets stuck in a room. That it normally knows the way out from.

I don´t know how hard this is to program but it would be a great thing to be able to add to the software.

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