Map not updating or being added to with multiple cleans


Hi. I have had my new PUREi9 for about a week. I am having trouble updating the original map with the additional cleans. The first clean is all that shows on the maps.
The individual cleans show up on the ‘total cleaning’ page on the app under the dates but they have not added to the Map so I am unable to create zones? I am keen to get that map built as soon as possible.
Would appreciate any help please?


  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod


    A few questions to clarify what is happening..

    -If I understand correctly, you have a map in the FloorPLANNER view, but it does not cover the entire cleanable floor area yet?
    -Is there any zone created yet? I'm guessing there isn't but, just in case there is, it would lock the map from further updates, so you would need to remove it
    -Has the robot finished the cleanings in the charger? This is one criterion for allowing the robot to update the map.
    -Can you see the FloorPLANNER map in the background beneath the actual cleaned area in the total cleaning view? That would mean that the robot has recognized that it is in fact cleaning the same known space again, which is a prerequisite for adding to the existing map.

    Screenshots from FloorPLANNER and the total cleaning list are helpful.

    Lastly, if you check all the boxes above and think the map should have been updated, it might be good to just kill the app and restart it to rule out a refresh problem in the app.

  • LAHLAH Member

    Thank you Frekan.

    I have deleted the map that I had and starting the mapping again.

    the problem now is that the i9 does not finish the clean in the charger as it gets lost. It find home for the first charge but not at the completion. I think it got stuck a while ago in the lounge and I picked it up & put it on the charger so it cannot find home from there now.

    Everytime I start again from scratch it cant find home for the finish.

    How do you suggest start over from scratch (Ie erase its memory of thinking that it should finish where the charger is not) and start the mapping process again?

    please find attached yesterday’s clean.

    where it shows the i9 finishing on this clean is incorrect - it was not even close.

    thanks very much.


  • LAHLAH Member

    Ps I don’t have any maps in the floor plan

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