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Newbie here, bought the device yesterday and fully exploring now.

Our RX9 has mapped the whole ground floor except for one room that it cannot access because there is a 6 cm threshold. How would I be able to add that room to the map and how would we vacuum that room ?

If I carry the device to the room it will vacuum it, but since it does not know where it is, the room will not be added to the map I suppose.

Tks for the advice.


  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod


    I guess that the threshold is 6 cm tall?

    If it sticks up that much From the floor there is no way for the robot to climb it, and then the robot can not add the area behind it to the map of the rest of the stored floor plan. You would have to put the robot there manually and clean it separately.

    With some thresholds (not 6 cm tall though) it might be possible for the robot to climb from one side but not the other. In such a case the robot could be started from inside the room with the threshold, climb out, and after a while figure out that it is back in the known part of the floor plan. When the robot gets back to the charger it would add the new room to the floor plan. In that case the way to perform a full cleaning would be to always start from the room behind the threshold and have it climb out.

  • krissilonkrissilon Member

    Tks Frekan, that makes it perfectly clear, appreciate it !

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