Purei9 Floor Map

eschongseschongs Member

How do I create floor maps on my Purei9? After few rounds of cleaning, there are still no maps created.


  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    Hi @eschongs, the robot does create a map after every completed cleaning.
    If your home is big and / or presents a lot of obstacles for the robot it may run out of juice before completing a cleaning cycle (it does recharge, however only two times during one cycle).
    Your best bet would be to start "small" by confining the robot to the room with the docking station. If the robot has completed the first run (and drawn a map of it) you can let it expand this map as outlined here by @markT https://community.purei9.com/discussion/comment/2287/#Comment_2287
    Hope this helps.

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