PUREi9 chewed my new carpet - in an Avoid Zone

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My bot needed New batteries from Electrolux because of an E23 error - it suddenly decided that it had no batteries !

i installed the new batteries and recharged him and then did a clean - so all seemed OK

we went away for the weekend and came home to find it sitting in the middle of our newly carpeted bedroom with tufts pulled in the carpet- like a pet showing it’s work.

the bedroom is NOT on his map as it was always closed and he had to clean through TWO Avoid zones (hallways outside kids bedrooms) get there ...

I have disabled him till I work out what the hell happened ...

the map does not show him having ever having been there at all - but he was sitting - battery drained from all the carpet destruction - in the middle of it !

in the map attached he was sitting in the middle of the large red square!!

my partner wants to kill it - and me with it!

how do I guarantee he does not do this again?


  • apjapj Member

    @KeithG said:
    how do I guarantee he does not do this again?

    Hi @KeithG, this is most unfortunate! As the avoid zones only work if the robot "knows" where it is, I can see no other way than to physically block the entry to the no-go-zones until the reason for this malfunction is known (and fixed!).
    Maybe the engineers @ElectroluxSupport can come up with some kind of "virtual wall" that operates independently from a cloud connection.

  • KeithGKeithG Member

    This is my physical way of stopping it happening until I understand why ...

    he’s in the naughty corner !

    not what I expect from an expensive sophisticated botvac

  • apjapj Member

    @KeithG said:
    he’s in the naughty corner !

    hahaha :D that'll teach it for next time!
    Did you think about turning it completely off before sending it off to the naughty corner? If it is upside down and on, this position will activate the built-in hot-spot and drain the batteries quite quickly. Better yet: Remove the batteries altogether until you have decided its future fate. Thus, should you decide to sell it, it will at least have still working batteries.

  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod


    Indeed it sounds like it got lost during the clean and could not respect the avoid zones. One thing I wonder is if the robot ever recognized that it was in the map with the avoid zones to begin with. Would it be possible to post a screen-shot of the final map of the actual cleaning (available in the cleaning history in the app)?

  • KeithGKeithG Member

    @frekan is this what you mean by the history ? Thx KeithG

  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod

    The view you posted is the home screen with the latest cleaning. Instead, tap the icon at the top right in the app (looks like a list with a clock symbol), right below the 4G and battery symbols. There you will find a list of recent cleanings (including map pictures). Would be great if you could find the problem cleaning there and post a screen-shot. Thanks!

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    @KeithG he wants to see the map from the day it ate your carpet.

  • KeithGKeithG Member

    Sorry - this is what you meant :)

    he is schedule to start at 2am

    this is the last two days of cleaning - one OK the other NOT ...

  • apjapj Member

    I'm surprised at the run times here: In the cleaning cycle from July 16th there seems to be a one hour time shift between the reported start time 02:00, the end time 03:28 and the duration (29 min).
    The bad cycle from July 17th is even worse with a start time 02:00 an end time of 04:50 and a reported cleaning time of 23 minutes.
    Roughly half an hour for 23 m2 seems about right to me (my Pure i9.1 does 43 m2 in about 55 minutes in Eco-mode)
    So the question is: Where does your robot spend the rest of its time?
    Of course recharging comes to mind - but recharging (with new batteries!) for a 22 m2 area that appears mainly unobstructed on the floor plan?!?

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