Initial Clean not completing, no floor map available, how can I fix this?

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I only purchased my purei9 2 days ago. My house is quite large, but it only cleans one fifth of it every time. For its initial clean to map the house it had to recharge, after being on the charge for a further 12 hours it didnt start where it left off, I had to start it from the app but started all over again, so only mapping the same area again. Even after being on the charge for 12 hours it still says battery low in the app also. I can't add zones to my floor map because nothing has saved from 3 "inital" cleans yet. It doesn't start where it left off. I have moved the location of the base station in hope it resets where it cleans, but once the hour runs out how do I get it to start where it left off so it maps more of our house to save that "inital" floor plan?


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    Hi @kboz, unfortunately the present firmware allows only a limited number of recharges during a cleaning cycle (two?), which might be too little in your case.
    However, you might want to try the room-by-room approach and let the robot slowly explore the entire house:

    • put the docking station in an "end-room" but visible from the door to the adjacent room!
    • close all doors in order to confine the robot to this room
    • start the cleaning (the robot should then create a map of this room)
    • next put the robot in the middle of the adjacent room, close or block all doors but leave the door open to the room with the docking station in it
    • start the cleaning (the robot should clean the new room and recognize the docking station thus connecting the two rooms)
    • put the docking station in the newly added room (visible from the door to the next room), close the door to the already known room and proceed as above

    This should allow the robot to explore your entire home one room at a time while connecting the newly detected rooms to the existing map.

    Please have a look at @markT 's reply in this thread, he explained it better than me:

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