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It would be a great idea if Electrolux made a feature to just map the house. This way without the vacuum motor running it would have much more battery power to just map the house. I found it extremely frustrating getting my house mapped. It took forever as it would run out of batteries and need to recharge. I had to start it at 5 in the morning and it didn’t finish till 11 at night.


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    We have thought of this, but there are problems explaining this method to many users- we would certainly get complaints from people that the robot was leaving dust on the floor. It has been a conscious choice to map while cleaning.
    If you are prepared to do a little work to speed up your mapping you can temporarily move troublesome mats, chairs, etc. Putting the kitchen chairs on the table saves a lot of time, for example. Once you have your map you can leave them down. It is also possible to make the map in stages by leaving some rooms closed off during a cleaning, then starting the robot in one of these rooms at a later time, allowing it to come outside and recognise the rest of the home and find its way back to the charger. This will then add the room to the map. Don't place any zones on your map until it is complete, otherwise the robot will stop adding to it.

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    Hi Mark

    Thanks for your reply. It really is much more painful creating a map of the house than the possibility of the robot leaving a little dust. I had to delete my map today as the robot suddenly wouldn’t find ANY zones and stopped running to schedules even after rebooting.

    I started the whole map creation process again. I always have removed EVERYTHING from the floor. I started it at 6 this morning and it stopped by itself thinking the whole house had been mapped when in actual fact only one third had been mapped. Previously I have had to start the whole process again hoping it would find new rooms.

    Are you saying that I can close off rooms that have been mapped now and put the robot in a room that hasn’t been mapped and it will add it to the room??

    I hope that this really works as starting the process again is a real pain in the neck.

    Any help much appreciated


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    If you want the robot to add a room to a map, it needs to be able to find its way from the "new" room to a "familiar" one, and it needs to drive around in the "familiar" room for long enough to recognise it (can take a few minutes). So don't close all the already mapped rooms, or it won't be able to link them together.
    You can see on the live map when the robot recognises its surroundings- the live map it has been drawing of the "new" room should snap into place on the previously known grey background map once the robot realises where it is and how the room lies in relation to the rest of the map. Once you see this, you can send the robot home (press the "home" button) and once it has returned to the charger it will update the background map with the new areas.

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