Robot spending more time returning to charger then cleaning

persanpersan Member

Since purchase, the robot spends more time getting back to the charger then doing actuall cleaning. It just cant find its way back home, back and forth, back and forth, even in front of the charger sometimes. In the end it just dies due to capacity. We have tried to place the charger differently, re-installed the robot, deleted and created new maps with no success. Looking at the map when it trying to return to the charger it puts itselfe close to the charger but in reality its way off, different room sometimes.
It has the latest firmware released, 40.18.
Will updated firmware do the trick or is it something else we can do here?


  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member

    Do you have carpets? It took us quite a few attempts to find somewhere that worked, even then, occasionally it does weird stuff, ending up a very long way from where it should be, and searching in totally the wrong place for for the dock

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