Not cleaning zones anymore

markvmarkv Member

My Purei9 has stopped working properly. I have it scheduled to clean Monday to Friday . Each day a different zone.

Nearly every Monday it just doesn't do anything. It has been doing this for several weeks. I have to do a custom clean to get it to clean that zole lot worse one.

However, recently it has stopped cleaning any zones properly. It staggers around the place not going anywhere near the scheduled zone and eventually just returns to base. Not because it has run out of batteries or anything it just thinks the cleaning is done. At best it might do a line in the zone and that's it. I have powered the unit completely off and tried doing manual cleaning of zones and it just cant find them.

It seems to have gotten a whole lot worse since the 40.18 firmware update. Apparently this update made the return to base much better but for mine it made return to base much worse and now the stupid thing doesn't really work at all.

Very disappointed with this thing - it was VERY expensive and doesn't work properly.

Would be nice to have some sort of support from Electrolux


  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    In the past, what worked was too delete all the zones and the map and just start over.

    Only add zones after it makes the map again.

  • markvmarkv Member

    Is that the only fix? It took FOREVER to get the robot to successfully map my house. I would start it first thing in the morning and it wouldn’t finished to late at night. It kept running out of batteries then would charge for 2 hours.

    It would be a great idea if Electrolux made a feature to just map the house. This way without the vacuum motor running it would have much more battery power to just map the house. I found it extremely frustrating getting my house mapped and really don’t want to have to do it again.

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