Problem with scheduled cleaning

petpet Member

My pureI stopped following the scheduled cleanings after June 5th.

  • I can connect to the cleaner via the Android app
  • Schedules are defined in the app
  • Zones are defined in the app
  • Pressing the Play-button starts a cleaning. While cleaning pressing the Home button returns the robot back to the charging station
  • Pressing the Custom Cleaning and selecting zones and pressing Clean now does nothing
  • pureI doesn't initialize the scheduled cleanings

App version, pureI software version 40.18

Any suggestions?


  • petpet Member

    Being at home and monitoring the cleaner - it looks like the cleaning works. The problem is the app which doesn't update the last vacuuming (or initializing zone cleaning). pureI started today and vacuumed but the app shows an old status

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Try restarting the robot to force it to synchronise with the cloud and app. Press and hold the play button on the robot until you see the display say "off" (on a Pure i9) or till you see the power bar lights pulse in toward the centre (Pure i9.2). After that, lift the robot out of the charger and replace it there to restart it.
    We are working on making the cloud synchronisation more robust in a coming release.

  • petpet Member

    I'll check the above when I get back home. Having being elsewhere for some days I disabled all the schedules from the app but pureI still decided to roam around is now stuck and simultaneously the app has been updating the location so probably the map view is now synced techno-magically

  • petpet Member

    @markT I didn't need to force the sync. The failed cleaning (robot stuck) updated the status to the app and it has been in sync since then. Good to know the procedure for forced sync if the same problem re-appears thou.

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