Communication error

madispukmadispuk Member


I get this message in my iOS Purei9 app when I click on Software button under Robot settings.

Looks like it has problems connecting to cloud. My robot also does not draw anything while cleaning, maybe it's connected to that issue.

Any tips?



  • madispukmadispuk Member

    Here's the image of not drawing anything. Previously it drew the map while cleaning piece by piece and I could saw it from the app.

  • Hello? I still have it although I switched from iOS to Android app.

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    One cause for this can be uneven wifi coverage in the area in which the robot moves. If the robot can successfully connect from some point in your home but not others then this is likely the case. Also check that you haven't made changes in your wifi setup since the robot was onboarded.

  • So the solution was to manually update the robot firmware. Just a note to others, there are two versions of firmware, one for the older pure i9 and another for i9.2. If you update firmware make sure you get the correct version.

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