Disassemble purei9 in order to fix stuck main brush error

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I experienced issues with brush stuck error, so I had to dissemble my purei9 in order to fix this. I'm attaching few pictures here and will try to explain as best as possible how to reach to the main brush gear. May be next time I'll create a video.
First you have to remove the bumper:

You can easily free it from both left and right edges. You have to push the bumper from the back side of the robot to the front and gently to the side. View of the left side of the robot with bumper removed and also main brush gear cover removed.

View of the right side of the robot with bumper removed and side brush motor & gear removed

main brush gear cover in order to remove it you have unscrew few screws. I took a picture of the 4 bigger ones 2 of them are below control board of the robot.

Side brush motor & gear removed from the robot.

One of the 4 big screws is holding the side brush mechanism attached to the robot.

Side brush gear cover removed - you will need T10 torx screw for those screws.

I cover the camera's lens with a napkin to avoid scratches and you can see the right laser.

Here is the control board where are the LEDs, USB connector and buttons are located.

Here is close picture of connector which attach camera board with the control board.

Another of the same connector and you can see that I had to lift the plastic which is holding the control board in place with 4 little screws.

Picture of the two sets of torks screws - big one ( 4 of them in total) and little ones I didn't count them which are T15 and also we have 3 screws T10 holding side brush gear cover.

I tried to picture how bumper is attached to the front of the robot

Another bad angle of the same assembly - it is every easy to reattach the bumper but it did me very hard time until I manage to remove it initially.

Here is a picture of the one and only little T15 screw located under the control board it is located in the middle of the front part of the robot.

Here is another big T15 screw holding main brush cover on the left side of the robot.

Here is picture of the main brush gear belt.

Here is the location of the big T15 screw under the control board on the left side of the robot ( near the connector of the both boards)

Here is the location of the big T15 screw under the control board on the right side of the robot ( near the speaker of the robot)

Finally purei9 is working :)

I'll be glad if someone tell me how I can remove the back cover of the robot.


  • DrGreenbaumDrGreenbaum Member ✭✭

    Nice disassembly! What was stuck?

  • borilboril Member ✭✭
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    @DrGreenbaum said:
    Nice disassembly! What was stuck?

    Thank you.
    There were alot of debris / hair in the main brush gears so i was getting error of main brush stuck.

  • Can anyone give some additional tips on how to remove the bumper?

    The sides are easy to detach from the pins, but it seems to be stuck in the front.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • borilboril Member ✭✭

    @Aviating said:
    Can anyone give some additional tips on how to remove the bumper?
    The sides are easy to detach from the pins, but it seems to be stuck in the front.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    You have to force the bumper to go up and then to pull from the front because of two big clips ( see the red arrows )

  • borilboril Member ✭✭

    btw in order to zoom the pictures you have two open them in new tab.

  • maurismauris Member

    Rear part is disassembled by prying off the "rear bumper", the silver coloured part in the pic below. Then more screws will come visible.

  • wdolekwdolek Member

    @boril Thanks for nice guide, I'm still struggling to reach some screws - have you decided on making video?

    @mauris I'm trying to pry plastic cover, already applying quite a force and it doesn't come loose - is there any trick or specific place where to use prying tool? Do you have image of plastic cover from other side?

  • wdolekwdolek Member

    Figured out how to pry out rear plastic cover - trick was to push tool under top edge (rear part was holding pretty tight).

    However I wasn't able to disassemble main brush gear box - I couldn't get orange cap out of axis thus whole piece stayed on its place. I will bring my robot to service for repair.

  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    Nice work to disassemble it and get it working again!

    We obviously don't recommend doing this yourself, because there is always a risk of breaking something. So if you have a valid warranty or you are not comfortable with mechatronics, the service station is the way to go.

    With that said, I'd like to point out two things that are worth knowing:

    1) If you disassemble the robot, there is a risk of ruining the calibration of the 3D sensor. So be extra careful not to move the camera or the laser modules. Don't even unscrew the whole stiff plastic beam that holds them.

    2) Avoid taking off the rear cover if you can - it snaps in very tightly and there is a high risk of breaking the tabs that hold it in place. You can glue the cover back on, but it's more trouble.

  • johannesdbjohannesdb Member

    So I might have moved the camera when cleaning the side brush motor. It was completly stuck and to get it out I bumped the camera.

    now the robot cant find its way home :-/

    is it possible to recalibrate? Or is it just a paperweigth now?

    I must admin that I am quite surpriced in a not so good way about the durability of the robot :-/ It is only 3 years old. The side motor stuck due to dust in the motor and I have changed the main brush several times due to dust in the bearings.

  • borilboril Member ✭✭

    I doubt you can recalibrate the camera :(

  • johannesdbjohannesdb Member

    Bummer... Paperweight it is then :-/

  • WitoldWitold Member

    I found better way to remove bumper.

    Lay the robot on back. From bottom side move bumper a bit forward and make a slot then using small pin (smal screwdriver) press down the big clip (marked by red arrow on boril's picture) to release it from plastic blocade. Hard press of one side of the clip is enough. When both clips are released and bumper is easy to take it out.

    Be carefully to put bumper back. There are two sensors on front with smal metal plate. Don't bend one of them when you press bumper back. To know everythink is good, when bumper is on its position if you press left or right side of bumper you must feel the same pressing force.

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