Rubber Wheels to reduce hardfloor noise

The current hard plastic wheels are quite noisy on our wooden floors. It would be nice to have softer rubber wheels that would roll more quietly across hard floors. Or maybe rubber rings to go over exiting wheels. Thanks.

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  • apjapj Member ✭✭
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    Hi @johnc have you noticed the work-around from @Darren here?
    I would love to see softer wheels but this may never happen - in the meantime the gliding pads help a lot.

  • johncjohnc Member

    Hi. Yes, I did see the post about using pads next to the wheels. I think that would work on hard times with grout lines as the pads act as a bridge and help the machine glide over the grout lines IE the machine wheels dont fall into the grout line with a clunk etc. We have hard floor boards, so I think the glide pads would either be continuously dragging on the floor or not contacting the floor at all. First World problem I guess. Was just an idea RE soft rubber wheels or bands to go on existing wheels. Cheers. John.

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