Dustbin keeps popping out and therefore cannot function. Robot is on warranty.

MicMic Member


I recently bought a pure i9 vacuum cleaner from my local departmental store, Harvey Norman. It has recently broke down (the dustbin is loose and pops back out everytime I try to slot it back in). My robot vacuum cleaner is still under warranty. May I know how can I go about replacing/ fixing it with the currently in place warranty?


  • borilboril Member

    Never happened to my two 9.1 are you sure that something is not blocking the bin ? May be the rubber cover of micro-usb ?

  • MicMic Member

    =/ shall take a second look at my i9 again. Everything seems in place the last I check though but thanks for the suggestion

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Check also that the filter in the dustbin lid is installed the right way around. This is designed to stop the dustbin from closing if you install it backwards (otherwise all the dust it collected will be blasted out via the fan next time you start).

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