Spare parts for i9.2

hibou01hibou01 Member

Hi, first of all, sorry for the mistakes, I’m french :) . Just bought an Electrolux pure I9.2 and it’s working well so far (even if I find one wheel not screwed correctly, and no way to repair it). I was wondering if the spare parts (side, main brushes and filter) from the I9 are compatible with the I9.2 (new version)?



  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    I know the filter is different but the old ones fit.

    Side brushes look the same.... At least they fit.

  • hibou01hibou01 Member

    Thanks! And what’s about the rollbrush? Because it’s quite expensive if you buy it alone, better within a pack including filter and side brush...

  • hibou01hibou01 Member

    I received the spare parts. The main and side brushes from the 9.1 match with my 9.2. but the filters don't! the size & shape are not the same...

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