Not connected to cloud

golvmoppgolvmopp Member

How do I check for cloud connection, or make sure it stays connected? The complimentary app seems to work fine.


  • apjapj Member

    If the app shows your robot, then the robot is definitely connected to the cloud :)
    You can tell that the robot is connected if the WiFi symbol on its panel is lit. If it has WiFi-connection it should be connected to the cloud too.
    But maybe I misunderstood your question?

  • golvmoppgolvmopp Member

    Thanks for the answer.

    So, I'm leasing the robot from Electrolux. A couple of times a week, I'm getting an email saying my robot isn't connected to the cloud, and therefor they don't know how much the robot has been cleaning. Amount of cleaning is directly tied to the monthly price, and if they don't know how much, they're maxing out the bill until the robot reconnects, and the following bills will be corrected to reflect the too high payments.

    Since I don't use the robot enough to max out payments, I really want to connect it to their cloud. The wifi-symbol is indeed lit, so I'm really not sure where the problem lies...

  • apjapj Member

    Thank you for your explanation. I may be slow on the uptake here but I still don't understand how you are controlling your robot:

    • did you do a proper "enrollment" and are controlling the robot with the Electrolux App on your phone?
    • or are you just operating the robot with the "buttons" on its control panel?

    Please keep in mind that only a steadily lit WiFi symbol on the robot means that it is connected to a WLAN.

  • golvmoppgolvmopp Member

    I am using the app, and it did work the first couple of months. Then it stopped working.

    I updated the robot after posting this, and haven't gotten an email since... Might've actually done the trick.

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