New Release 41.10

Dear Community,

As we are getting ready for the upcoming release 41.10, here's a sneak peak into whats included....

Power level control per cleaning zone
You can tell the robot to set its cleaning power to different levels for each zone. Kitchen a bit messier than the rest of the place? Boost the power there, but keep it quiet everywhere else.

Better 'Home' Detection with No Go/Avoid zones
Robot knows if it has stayed in its charger and can more quickly realize its position when starting: this means that avoid zones placed near the charger will be respected- previously the robot could possibly have strayed into them before realizing where it was.

Better Energy Consumption
Let's turn off that fan motors and save some energy while transporting to the area of interest

..... and other stability improvements


  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    Sounds great. I recognize that first feature 😉

  • osamsonosamson Member

    I'm looking forward to the update.

    An email from the Electrolux Pure i team sent in mid-December 2019 said:


    Last but not least, it's an important announcement.

    I won't tell you much yet, but we're going to be delivering big news over the next few months. Let me give you a little hint. The design has been revamped to give you a great layout, and you'll see the ability to easily control multiple robot vacuum cleaners!


    Will this be included in that update?

    Or is it still in the future?

  • DeLolDeLol Member
    • Power level control per cleaning zone
      Wohoo! I missed it the whole time :smile:

    • Better Energy Consumption
      Still looking for a on/off time switch for the wifi...
      It reduces the energy consumption and reduces the electromagnetic pollution.

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member

    is this already rolling out? I check my robot daily, but no new updates. Will be need an app update first?

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    Nothing in Houston, Texas

  • psionic001psionic001 Member
    edited May 20

    @SumitraVengalil any update on when this will be released? v40.18 just doesn’t seem to work for us.

  • DeLolDeLol Member

    @SumitraVengalil It would also be advantageous if we could choose the priority/order what room will be cleaned first

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member
    edited May 26

    Thinking this might be a 9.2 release, not for 9.1 as its been a long time since this announcement, a month, , and read on the other forum that only the 9.2 has adjustable vac power.

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    9.1 had 2 power settings while the 9.1 has 3.

    Just have to wait and see. You still can't but the 9.2 in the USA.

  • OzLo809OzLo809 Member, Moderator mod

    Hi everyone,

    The covid pandemic has had a big impact on our team, so sadly the new software has been delayed more than what we expected. Rest assured that we are working on releasing it as soon as possible.

    @VimFuago this release is for all of our robots :smile:

    @DeLol Both robots can do this already. You can either do a custom cleaning or a schedule zone cleaning, and the order in which you specify the zones will be the order of how the robot cleans them.

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