i9 stuck in an endless lopp when returning to base

melstigmelstig Member

My i9 running 40.18 gets stuck in different loops while returning to base station. It has been like this in most releases but this time it was rather funny. It was just going back and fourth and I had to carry it to the base in the opposit side of the house.

It often takes very long time to return, even when it succeds.

See video from Google Photos below.
-> Running 40.18 code <-

Is there any debug-files you need one collect when one finds weak spots for the device/fw and what other information do you want as default?


  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    Purei 9 in my home may take similar actions.

    It happens when I don't use custom cleaning.

    Purei9 is lost.


  • GarethOatesGarethOates Member

    I have the same experience. It just goes round and round in circles until the battery dies

  • vespamanvespaman Member

    Yep, I have also seen this, with the latest release. Back and forth until I carried it to the base (which where only one meter away), in sight, but on the otherside of a threshold.

  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    Due to COVID-19 induced stretches of home office I have observed my robot (Pure i91-5BSM 41.18) go over the same patch of floor after a resumed cleaning over and over and over and over and (I think you're getting my gist) :D
    I don't know, what's gotten into that thing - if it were a horse suffering from such apparent terminal illness, I'd certainly had shot it at this point to put it out of its misery. As it is only a non-living piece of machinery costing several hundred bucks (and I don't own a gun) I gave it the digital "coup de grace" and reset it.
    Electrolux: What have you done with 4.18?!? Can I pretty please have 4.17 back?

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    Purei9 stays still for almost a minute, as if pondering.

    He moves back and forth in the same range as possessed.

    He is more likely to hit the legs of chairs and tables than it used to be.

    He goes right and left even though it rides on a rug about 1 cm thick.

    I feel that Purei9 is nervous in the place that I cleared without difficulty before.

  • SamiSami Member

    Excactly same problems. Tried to solvethe problem:

    - move the station

    - cancelling the floor plans

    - installing the robot with a new name

    - installint the robot with it's old name

    - turning robot off and on again

    - cleaning the laser, tires etc

    - taking off battery and putting them back again

    - upgrading the 40.18 again, but manually from usb-port.

    - installing the phone app again.

    Nothing helps. Robot gets into endless loops, can't climb carpets that were no problem before and can't go back to the station. Finds the station though, and is climbing on it, but then backs away and tries again and again.

    First half year after i bought it, worked perfectly. After april (and 40.18) has been uselles.

  • LaZiLaZi Member

    since July this year I have a brand new one - after 4 main cleaning full room - the Roboter also got stuck in endless search mode - what was strange: he recognize the bottom part of the kitchen which is made of stainless steel foil as it would be the docking station - he tried several times to dock to my fridge :-) then I pressed home and that seems to be wrong too - he got completely lost, - at the end I switched off and pulled it back by hand - up to now no further issue

  • SamiSami Member

    My problem is solved. Took the i9 to maintenance and they changed something that is maybe called in english a "traction unit" to the right side. Now works perfectly!

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