Room position rotate maps or room square

Hi, i have moved my vac to give better coverage of the house. However, the new map that it has made is on a angle to most of the walls. But the create zones function only allows a box that cannot be rotated. This means that i am basically trying to fit dimond shapes into squares. Is there any way to add functionallity to either rotate map or zone box. Thanks


  • SumitraVengalilSumitraVengalil Administrator admin

    Hi goclee,

    The 'rotated maps', as we call it is a bug within the robot application that we are trying to address soon. Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution to rotate the map. I would recommend you to use a map from another run or delete this map and generate a new one

  • coninoxconinox Member

    The real solution here should be to allow free shapes for zones. Houses are'nt always rectangular.

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