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My robot sometimes gets stuck inside the bathroom when trying to head back home after finishing the cleaning . This happens because it tries to get out by using the wall (see red area in the map). I guess the minor overlap with another zone causes confusion. A bit unclear to me why it gets in from one place (the door) but tries to get out by another place.

I guess if we would be able to add an entrance/exit zone area (see arrows in the map) the robot will always find the way out and also save some time when going from one to another zone. I noticed sometimes the robot 'thinks' too much trying to find a way out and ending up bumping in walls.

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  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    Hi Rafael, thanks for the suggestion!

    We try to minimize the amount of data we ask the users to provide to the robot, since it's supposed to help you in your everyday life, not the other way around. Normally, the robot will automatically return to the door/threshold where it got in, to get out of a room.

    But your map seems to have a navigation error, so the robot thought that it was overlapping the left room when cleaning the right. Therefore, it tried to use this "shortcut" to get out of the room. If you delete the floor plan and run again, this should not happen, and the robot will make the correct choice to use the door to get out of the bathroom.

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