Dead Pure i9


This will not be a discussion forum. Im just providing you guys with a fix that might help you if you had/will have same problem as I had.

The reason I also took my time to create an account and write this is to maybe send a lecture to Electrolux.

My Pure i9 was dead, and there was no sign of pulse in it. No LED lamps were on, no sound, no nothing. I contacted Electrolux several times and all of them said "buy new batteries", although I knew that wasnt the problem. Anyhow, I tried first to remove my old batteries first and put it back as it "restarts" the hardware and I got life in it, for 1second. It said "Hello, Im ready", (without any LED lamps on) and thats it. Back to dead....

After troubleshooting with cleaning charging plates, new batteries, the charging station etc. my conclusion was that it should be something wrong with the software.

Now to the fix:
Connect your vacuum cleaner with micro USB (remove dustbin to find connection) with your computer and download latest firmware. Just put it in the map and your done!



  • GarethOatesGarethOates Member

    Where can I download the latest (or prefereably previous) firmware from? Also, what software are you using to flash the device?

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