Only start robot if no one is home - IFTTT

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Is it possible to check presence status from say Home assistant and IFTTT and only start a schedule if no one is home? Also stop if someone comes home?


  • coninoxconinox Member

    You can partially do that.
    you can't use zones, you can only vacuum the whole house each time
    And I have found a solution for the first part of your problem, but not the second.

    I have an automation in home assistant who launch my robot at 14:00 if there was no movement detected in the house the last 2 hours.

    I also did an automation who send the stop command to the robot if a movement is detected, but I had to deactivate these, because I don't have find a way to know the state of the robot.
    So this command is sent very often, a limit is reach in IFTT, and the command is blocked.

  • GarethOatesGarethOates Member
    edited May 2020

    There's a state changed event which fires to IFTTT when the state of the robot changes, so you can see if it's "Cleaning", "Charging" or "Sleeping" for example. I used this in Home Assistant to determine whether the input_boolean I setup was true or false. Then only fire the event to start/stop if it's not already in that state.

    I used NodeRed

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