Version 40.18 now available

borilboril Member

I just updated my purei9 to 40.18. I saw in the release notes that there are improvement and bug fixes.


  • sonicPsonicP Member

    Hi Boril,

    thanx for info - where did u find release notes by the way?

  • borilboril Member

    during the update process on the phone they were shown

  • borilboril Member
    edited March 26

    I think with this version it is cleaning more area on single charge at least in Eco mode.

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    It would be nice to see the performance metrics per release but oh well....

  • kujangkujang Member

    I have a problem while my machine update it take more than 1 hour and still upgrading? what should I do next?

  • borilboril Member

    it should take not more then 10-15 minutes. Please check over the web if it safe to cancel it.

  • eLPiieLPii Member

    How do you achieve it that the robot becomes dumber with every update? After upgrading to 40.18 it is now behaving absolutely unreasonably. As I am on home office nowadays, I can watch it every day and I have immediately noticed change in behaviour, such as:

    • Sometimes it simply gives up after few minutes - it starts cleaning, and then suddenly (even though fully charged) decides to stop and return (no, it doesn't say it has to recharge). When forced to start again immediately, it cleans normally.
    • When prompted to clean only specific rooms, it (sometimes) only cleans part of it, and then decides to return. I once turned on cleaning of hall and living room (both with only few non-problematic obstacles, otherwise open spaces) - it cleaned one specific square-shaped-space in living room, then part of the hall. None of the rooms was finished.
    • It gets stuck at places with absolutely no barriers around - it just looks like if it suddenly lost mind, spinning around, looking for I don't know what.
    • It chooses absolutely illogical and sometimes unnecessarily complicated path back to the charging station.
    • One small step, which it climbed over easily before, now represents a huge obstacle, and it can get stuck there for long minutes (until I lose my patience and move it myself). Sometimes it still climbs it itself, but it takes muuuuch longer time to "figure out" how to do it.
  • DrGreenbaumDrGreenbaum Member

    I think there a some important bugfixes in this version. The charging error bug seems to be gone and now it cleans all the zones and does not skip overlapping zones. Still a few bugs left but a big step forward!

  • borilboril Member

    Today I upgraded "new" AEG RX9 and I got the improvement list for 40.18

  • borilboril Member

    @boril said:
    Today I upgraded "new" AEG RX9 and I got the improvement list for 40.18

    Is this "Power settings for each individual zone working" for purei9.1 or this is only for 9.2 ?

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