Issue with connecting to the cloud during app registration?

I bought the pure i9 yesterday and since have been unable to register on the app.
I enter x2 emails and password, then try pressing register.
Each time I try I get a message come up saying "There was no connection to the cloud. Please check your internet connection".
I've tried connecting to both my mobile hotspot, and through a pocket wifi 2.4 GHz. Both of which are strong enough to stream movies etc.
The app has been deleted and reinstalled multiple times, and my wifi and phone have both been restarted. Ive tried turning the robot off completely and trying again, and have tried turning it upside-down. I attempted to try connect through an apple phone incase it was an android issue.
Nothing has even come close to working.
I've called Electrolux twice and they think the issue is my internet, despite it working completely fine otherwise.


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