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how can it be? My robot does the full apartment cleaning cycle about only 1/3 of the starts. If it does i am fully satisfied. But: 2/3 of the trips, he misses rooms, gets lost in rooms or even just starts for a short lookout of the charging station and returns after a minute.

This is really not how it should be!

my apartment has wooden & plastic floors - with maybe 20mm steps in betwenn - which the robot can manage - when it feels like ;)
in one room the door just opens 45 degree (due to warderobe behind) what sometimes causes problem as well - sometimes not at all.

I observe this behaviour now for about 12 month. not acceptable in my opinion. Do u think it might be a warranty case?

I am realy not amused.


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    with the recent march update 2020 my robot extremly improved its behaviour.
    I am ver satisfied now.


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