Bugs? Wrong product? or anything else?

TomoTomo Member
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Is there anybody who can give me answers about that?
I have pure i9.2 and have 3 problems..
Why robot doesn't clean whole area on my flat. You can see on the picture IMG_0347.jpeg that there is an empty space and robot can achieve it but it doesn't go there.
2. What is the problem with sensors. My device still hit the furniture despite it has laser and camera. I can show films with that problem but www doesn't allow attached that format file.
3. What is the problem z maps. You can see on the pictures that maps are distorted....


  • borilboril Member
    1. mine was also avoiding a carpet but I found out it was due the light conditions in the room later the same day it cleaned the carpet without problem. The carpet is for the kids with a lot of colors may be this confused the robot somehow.
      1. mine is also from time to time bumping into objects but very rear comparing to Vorwerk and Neato which I have. May be you can share via youtube or any other platform the video.
      2. I have no idea maybe some reflections from the walls or whatever you have there ? I have very straight map on my hallway
  • TomoTomo Member

    boril. Thank you for your answer but I have to confess that I resigned from that robot and I decided to buy irobot. Every problems which I had disappear..

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