App will only prompt to connect to somebody else wifi network and not mine...

Just move the robot to my new home ( of course I have a different network since is not in the same location and the old contract has been terminated)
Can not connect to my old robot profile which is looking only for the old wifi, try to set up a new robot and at the second step of the process after asking me to turn it upside down to activate wifi and connect, prompt only to connect to somebody else network ( which is unprotected) and not mine or giving a list of available network to choose from even though my router seats right on the side of the robot...crazy...
There is no other option as far as I can see ....hope somebody can help or Electrolux can supply a solution.
Really appreciated


  • The robot can only operate on the 2.4GHz band (at least Pure i9). Check that a 2.4GHz network is available. (I do not work for Electrolux).

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