Is it any way to reset to default?

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The very first cleaning (no maps at the time) was absolutely fantastic. Finished the job in 25min. and found home no problem. The third cleaning, (lots of unnecessary passes) took longer and sloppier. Lost reference and falsely reported home. Finally, by pushing the home button, re-scanned and found the correct home. - Instead optimizing the existing map, the pattern algorithm got much worst than first time without the map.- Fortunately or unfortunately, no maps got finalized yet and “No maps to chose from”, no option for select area - Is it any way to reset to default( fv 40.17)?


  • klintklint Member, Moderator mod

    Hi Laszlo,
    We're not supporting any downgrades at the moment but from your description it seems the robot realized that it was a bad cleaning and haven't saved any history of it for further use. As soon as it starts to save any data for the next run you will get a map in your FloorPlanner menu in the app.
    However, it sounds bad that your cleanings have gotten worse, do you have any tricky carpets or anything that the robto might entangle in during cleaning? If so, it's usually a good idea to either block those of or remove them for the first cleaning in order for the robot to learn your home first

  • LaszloLaszlo Member
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    Hello Klint!
    Sorry, Im not suggesting downgrade, but just "reset" clear the maps and start from new. - After the new rev. change, the first run worked fine, but again the second run left the kitchen area untouched. (but now the first time, finalized the map without the kitchen)- I have to move the cleaner by hand to the kitchen doorway, and started from there. On my surprise the "thing" recognized the area did the job flawlessly and went home to the hallway, but after several attempt in and out of dock didn't stopped there, instead turned around and went strait line back to the kitchen doorway. LOL - So from there I carried back to the dock. - After all this, Im very satisfied, with little help the cleaning is done nicely.

  • SumitraVengalilSumitraVengalil Administrator admin

    Hi Lazslo,

    There is no one step solution for this. Deleting your maps manually from the mobile APP is the easiest. You cal also restart the robot by long long pressing PLAY button( you will hear 3 beeps and takes about 5-6 seconds).
    I would also suggest you to move the charger base to a new location as well. The navigation pattern algorithm will calculate an alternate path to clean which might be better than the previous one.

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