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My robot won't save the maps. How many times should I run it before it decides to save a map of the apartment?

Also, the maps from each cleaning ends up incorrect if I let it do more than a small part of a room, somewhere in the middle of cleaning it seems to get confused and decide to turn everything upside down.


  • Hi Cissi,

    The robot just needs a single successful run to save a map, but to account for obstacles that move - such as toys, bags etc. - you might want to run it a few times before the map properly represents all the reachable floor.

    Do you have some specific problem area where the robot gets disoriented, or does it happen more or less anywhere? If there is a problem area, you could block it off physically once, so the robot can map the rest of your home and then you can mark it as an AvoidZone in the map.

    If this doesn't help - could you post the best cleaning map you've got, so maybe we can see something from it?

    Good luck with your mapping!

  • My kitchen is connected to tve livingroom, the station is sopposed to be in the right han corner of the map. The kitchen gets added to the right of the station but in reality it is on the left side of the livingroom.

    The robot finds its way back to the station from the kitchen though, which indicates that it does know that the map is wrong...

  • And the second try today, when this screenshot was taken the robot was right in front of the station.

  • It doesnt manage to finnish and save the map before it runs out of battery. Today it didnt go back to charge, it gave up in the middle of the room.

  • Todays map, with kitchen and hallway blocked. So this is supposed to be a square room w the station in the right hand corner.

  • ...and despite of the faulty map it found its way home to charge. But none of my maps is being saved.

  • Ok so this blue map is corrict, w kitchen included, except the station should be more to the right. It moved in the map about half way through. Im paying by m2, this mapping adveture is killing my budget 😅

  • And also, although the map is correct and the robot finished and found its way home it didnt save the map. And it didnt find the hallway which is ”above” the map.

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