Help the robot to find its way by steering it

My robot is having huge problems detecting all rooms. Frustrating not to be able to help it... It would be perfect to be able to steer it, to help it find its way around.

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  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    Take it to the room and press the start button. It'll join the maps.

  • Thanks! In the future one could consider a guided exploration mode, where you could lead the robot through your home in some way, to quickly and accurately build a map.

  • KatharinaKatharina Member
    edited April 2020

    Please, please please add this feature @magnus_lindhe !

    And as part of the feature, let us guide the robot to indicate the edges of the rugs, so that the bot will know that these are areas where it should use edge detection rather than the distance its wheels have travelled to calculate its position.

  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    We actually already complement the wheel distance measurements (called odometry) with landmarks that we observe with the sensor (such as walls or carpet edges, called SLAM in robotics), but on large carpets with a lot of sideways drift, the odometry may drift so badly that the SLAM engine cannot correctly identify the landmarks when the robot reaches them, and thus gets lost.

  • KatharinaKatharina Member
    edited April 2020

    That is very interesting, @magnus_lindhe

    I can see in the user guide that for medium pile rugs the bot is supposed to outline the edges and return to clean the inside of the rug last. This doesn't seem to happen with my orientals, so I guess they are treated as low pile. Maybe the bot would have been more successful if it treated low pile the same way?

    If we were able to do a guided exploration as part of the setup, and mark up the rug areas, with direction where applicable, then maybe you could tell the bot expect an offset of indeterminate size when it's been on a directional rug, and tell it to try to reorient itself?

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member

    Wondering if by telling the robot the type of flooring in the map zones, it may be able to use different alogrthms.

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