Strange place to die

The map looks like the robot wasn't even completely lost:


  • Hi,

    The robot parks like that if it has tried to dock 10 times, but never got any power to its charging pads. The decrypted log file confirms this:
    "2020-02-14 08:45:51.716 INFO 2593 DockingStates - Docking has ended as we have tried 10 time(s) to dock into a charger without being charged"
    The reason to park outside the charger, is that it should be clearly visible that something is not OK.

    This usually happens when you have forgot to plug the charger in (either at the wall outlet, or because the small DC plug has become disconnected at the charger). But if that's not the case, it sounds like you would need to clean the pads on both the charger and the robot with a damp cloth and try again.

    Good luck and let us know how it went!

  • Thanks, this explains why it parked there. Error message in the app could be more specific in such case.

    After finding the robot parked just front of the dock, I just put it to the dock and it started charging normally. There was also no docking issues during weekend, but now when I know this, I have to check connection surfaces and the charger mote carefully.

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