How long do batteries last ? And error 23

I have had my robot for exactly 1 year. It is showing error 23 and I have cleaned the contacts. Could the batteries need changing after 12 months using it about x2 a week?
If so where do I get new ones or should I send it to be serviced?
Im in NZ.


  • I think the batteriet should be ok. I recently had a similar problem and bought new batteries but the error remained.

    Sent it for warranty repair and they changed the charging pads. Works fine now and I could get a refund for the batteries that I was advised to change but really was not needed.

  • Hi, error 23 means that the robot doesn't detect both battery packs. So it sounds like at least one of your battery packs is broken. This should not happen after only one year, so we recommend that you contact your nearest service station. They might want you to bring the whole robot in, or it's enough with just the battery packs - that depends on their local routines.

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