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One of the coolest things of the robot is the recorded activity function. It's super cool to see the map (where it has cleaned) plus some statistics of cleaning time and area.

I have a dream :smile: to one day be able to:

1) say "clean the kitchen" and the robot goes and clean my kitchen only;
2) open the app and select in the "home map" the kitchen or only a small part of it and click: clean! So the robot goes and cleans only a small part of my house.

  • Number 1 would be a great benefit for users who like voice assistants. Although this would be already available with the IFTTT implementation, sometimes I don't want the robot to clean everything (= all the home) again;
  • Number 2 is in my point of view a more automated/improved way of the spot cleaning function. I'm not a big fan of this function since it's quite manual to place the robot here and there, and it works - in a way - like a "normal/manual vacuum cleaner".

Sorry for the long post, but if I'm not mistaken this would not be impossible to implement :smile:

In summary the request(s) would be:
a) have a home map function which would enable us to name each of the rooms (eg kitchen, living room etc)
b) by doing so, we could select a room (or even part of it) for the robot to clean

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  • I post the same above. I should have read yours first. You have my vote!

  • In the Apple Home app all of my rooms have names so I can adjust the lighting in the rooms. So, if the vacuum supported Homekit I could say, "Hey Siri, have the sweeper (our name for the unit) clean the living room."

  • The Pure rebuilds the maps from scratch, i.e. deletes the old one, after the end of each cleaning cycle. This may not ever be possible...

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    It seems our idea is not impossible to be implemented.

    Check this article:

    "The house-cleaning robot can also automatically map out your home and section it off by rooms, which can be edited in Roomba's mobile app. The device is also Alexa-enabled, allowing you to tell the Roomba to start cleaning or assign it to a certain room that might need extra attention.

    In addition, the Roomba i7+ automatically maps out your house and sections it off by rooms while it cleans. You can then use the iRobot HOME app to tweak the room boundaries, which allows you to use the app or voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa to tell the Roomba to only clean a particular room. Roomba learns the general layout of your home after a few cleaning sessions, and it can store up to 10 different floor plans."

  • What I meant is this

    They have already decided not to do this. Maybe that changes in the future but this was a conscious decision.

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    @mrmegadeth said:
    The Pure rebuilds the maps from scratch, i.e. deletes the old one, after the end of each cleaning cycle. This may not ever be possible...

    Well they can change that any time they want...

    I would really love to have robot "learn" my flat blueprint so I am able to let him clean selected rooms only (or set virtual barriers).

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