Pure i9 ignores certain zones.

Pure i9 refuse to clean certain zones i have set it to clean in the schedule. The zones it don’t want to clean turn black instead of the usual green.

Does anyone else have that problem? Or a solution?


  • I have similar problem with my Pure i9.2. First I allowed my vacuum cleaner to make the map of the whole apartment (63 m2). Then I started to select separate zones related to the individual parts of my apartment and while going through this process I realised the vacuum cleaner removed two sections of the map corresponding to two separate rooms. Therefore I added these two zones to the existing map but cleaner is not able to recognise these zones and to work over there (although - according to the instruction - they cover part of active zones).
    I have no idea how to solve this problem and what is its reason.
    Will be grateful for all your suggestions and help.
    Thx in advance :-)

  • Hi Akimjo,

    A black zone means that the robot didn't manage to reach or clean it. I see two possible problems that could cause this in your map. First, some of the zones overlap a lot. That could cause a problem because of the way the robot starts cleaning each zone. If it goes into zone X and starts cleaning, but finds itself surrounded by floor that's already clean, it will stop. So try to define your zones without overlap. Second, there seems to be doorway leading into the two rightmost rooms. Could something have blocked that doorway or is there a threshold that is difficult to climb, so the robot tried to get there but failed?

  • @MarekM: Could you post a map of your problem? Do you mean that the two rooms disappeared from the FloorPlan (which should not happen after you lock the map by drawing zones on it), or did the robot just not go there? And how have you defined the CleanZones now?

  • I have the same problem now. Will try to adjust the zones so they don't overlap or change the order of the zones. I think it's not too much to ask that this should be fixed in the firmware or app instead of the users should try to locate the problem.

  • I have the same problem too :(

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