Get the cleaner find the charge station better or at all

This cant be a new idea but it must be the most essential feature for a machine like this.

I must say that I'm most disappointed with how the machine performs. We have been owner for a year and a half and every time it has been out on a mission I treaten "her" that I will kick "her" out of our house.

The cleaning is mostly OK but the idea that you could return to your home and find it cleaned is a fake. 9 times of 10 she hasn't been able to find the charge station and has met the starve death. She could move very close to the charge station but very often skip to dock and runs away to a more distant position and drains to death.

Perhaps we have more carpets than normal but I still think this must be forgiven. The solution for us is to divide the floors in to smaller parts of say 15 m2 and move her to each of this spaces after she has got charged.

I have friends with other brands of cleaners and their machines find the charge station with better accuracy so I don't understand why Elux can't fix this.

The reason why we chose the Pure machine was the good test results but for us it is a big disapointment.

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  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @Sopan: I'm totally with you: Battery "life" is a pita :(
    The "drain-to-death" effect is exactly, why I refrain from scheduled cleaning and have reverted to manually start individual zone cleanings spread out over the day in order to let the robot recharge between cleaning sessions.

    @ElectroluxSupport: Why can't we have more than one scheduled cleaning per day? - As long as the battery life is so abysmally short, this is a necessity even with a small appartment, since the "return-to-base-recharge-and-resume-cleaning" function seems to be unreliable at best.

  • GustabGustab Member

    I agree. This is a useless product as long as it cannot find it’s way back ever (mine never has on a scheduled cleaning)

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