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My i9 has its charging station underneath a cabinet. I like it better that way since it is almost invisible when not in use. The downside is that I can’t see the info lights on the i9 while it is charging.

It has happened way too any times that the i9 has docked imperfectly without any form of notification. I only notice it when I am about to start a cleaning session and the app says “very low battery”. This means I have to push it into place and wait ~2 hours for it to charge before I can start the cleaning. Very frustrating since this often means the time slot I had planned for cleaning (family away from the apartment) will then be too short for the cleaning to finish.

I have two feature request that could really help with this issue:

1) Give a clear notification from the app when the i9 didn’t dock correctly. This should also apply if docking was temporarily correct (such that it started charging but shortly after it stopped due to connectivity issues)

2) Give a clear notification from the app when the i9 is not charging and the battery is being drained.

With “notification from the app” I mean a notification that appears on my phone lock screen, just like the “dustbin is full” message.

If there are concerns about pushing too many notifications, just make the optional through settings in the app.

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