Robot got lost after leaving home

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I started cleaning today. It usually takes one additional load phase to finish cleaning. After the second cleaning phase started I left home. When I returned I found to robot somewhere in the apartment and in the app it was stated it is low of battery. Besides that there was no floor plan anymore and there was no indication that the robot cleaned at all. The protocol did not mention that it cleaned today. Could it be that if the mobile phone with the app that is connected to the robot is out of WLAN reach, the robot gets lost?


  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭


    The robot does not need the phone app (or the cloud server) to navigate. So it sounds like it got a problem because of the environment, and couldn't make it back home to the charger. Then it searches for it, until the battery runs out.

    But if the robot loses connection to the Internet and then runs out of battery, it will not send a report of that cleaning to the app. Did it update the app later, when it was recharged and managed to reconnect?

  • hirte_7hirte_7 Member


    no I do not see the report. This was in the morning and there is no entry at all.

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