Where is "home"?

One common question we get from users, is why the robot doesn’t go home to the charger when it’s done, or when you press the Home button. In some cases, there may be a mismatch between what users expect and what we have designed.

We chose that if the robot doesn’t start in the charger, like when you lift it into a room and start it there, it should go back to the start position when it’s done. To be consistent, this is also where it goes if you press the Home button. It also doesn’t matter if the robot saw the charger while cleaning - we always follow the basic rule.


  • May I ask why you chose this?
    And is there a way to include a "go to charger" function?

    Could the location of the charger be saved on your servers and used by the robot perhaps? If the issue is on board memory.

  • First of all, we've changed this a little in the latest release (35.15, released in September); now the robot goes back to the charger if it sees it during the cleaning, even if it didn't start there. This was quite easy to change, and we found that it better matches what users expect.

    But making a universal "go to charger" function as you suggest, requires more work. If the robot starts in a room and builds a local map there, the difficult part is to robustly match that map to a previous cleaning, so it can figure out where it is in that map, and re-use it to navigate back to the charger. It's not so much a problem of memory space as an algorithmic problem to avoid false matches but still handle if objects have moved around in your home. We still haven't prioritized solving this more general problem, but that may change depending on how many users request this feature.

  • Okay, that pretty much solves my biggest problem with it. Awesome, thanks!

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