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Now that we are able to send the robot to clean a specific zone - done within the app today only - I would like to suggest that we also are able to do the same using IFTTT and Google Assistant e.g. to connect IFTTT service to zones created in the app.

This allows us to use voice command for cleaning a zone, rather than the whole house (good for a start).

I have 10 zones at home FYI.
Not sure if it's possible to develop the personal names to be shown in IFTTT when you connect Pure i9 service, but if possible to add a number in the app, and choose the same value in IFTTT (a static one), then it's an idea to connect the personal zone created, and select it in IFTTT with a personal phase or word, which you speak to your Google Assistant :-)

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  • RafaelRafael Member ✭✭✭

    That is great idea!

    I also would like to say "Hey Google, clean my kitchen". Just as I'm able to say today "Hey Google, turn on kitchen lights" (eg from Hue).

  • wnuriwnuri Member

    This is the only thing keeping me from buying! Any updates on it?

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