Fringe head carpets and smaller avoid zones


New zone feature is awesome, but for me avoid zones minimum size is too big. For example I want to avoid fringe heads of the carpet which would be really narrow area, now the minimum size of the avoid zone is almost the size of the carpet.

At the moment I have huge issue with the fringe head carpets, because on every cleaning pure i9 will get stuck on them.

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  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭


    We're glad you liked the new FloorPlanner! We settled for this minimum size to avoid making the user interface too finicky. But we also felt that very small avoid zones can give a false sense of safety; if you block off a thin strip along the carpet edge, the whole carpet may move and the strip is suddenly not in the right place anymore.

    So for the moment we recommend that you either fold the fringes in under the carpet, or block off a larger AvoidZone that represents the carpet edge plus some margin.

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