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It would be great if it was possible to define 'do not disturb' times. The scenario is like this; I start the robot. It does not finish until I get home. Perhaps it got stuck and I restart it as I get home. It return to charger. I go to bed. The thing is charged and start cleaning which will wake me up. The expectation is that I can define 'do not disturb' timeslots when it should delay a restart after charging. FYI: In Switzerland, where I live, it is prohibited by law to use noisy machines between 12 and 13 hours in the day to give people a chance to take a midday nap. Similarly there is a EU directive against running certain shortlisted equipment on Sundays.

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  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    Thanks for your feature request! We'll add another vote for it in the backlog.

    And it sounds like a great idea to enforce quiet nap times in the middle of the day, we have mainly thought about the problem of noise during the night.

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