Cannot find home

My robot found its home the first couple of times but got lost in our laundry on one occasion and could not find his way home to re-charge. I took him back to re-charge but has not been able to navigate his way home , even though I have tried pressing the home button when he is quite near. He can get really close but then goes away and doesn’t return. Please provide an explanation and advice. Thanks in advance. Jane


  • Reading some comment feedback, I did move it while it was still trying to find home on that very first occasion when it got lost in the laundry so I probably have confused it. Ok, so how do I fix it or reset it?

  • You just start a new cleaning. If the robot has trouble finding iits way back home, you can try to move the charger to a different location.

  • Our robot does this too. I think it tries to locate home at another part of the house and can’t find it there. It also runs into furniture a lot. I’ve cleared all the maps and had it re-route again, but thw problem persists. Often before the first charge it can find home, but not during the second (nothing changes in between). I’ve contacted customer support without any answer, so does anyone here have any suggestions?

  • As NiklasK said, the robot will reset the home position every time you start a new cleaning (unless it has a faulty map in FloorPlanner - then you should delete it).

    If your robot gets lost after the first recharge, I don't think it's because of the time, but probably because of something in the environment. Can you see from the map or from when it's running, if it gets stuck or slips a lot somewhere? You might need to add an AvoidZone there, to help the robot stay away from that problem area.

  • This is embarrassing! Not for me but for R&D Electrolux or what ever department responsible for the latest software update are working. It has been running almost free of problem for a couple of years. And after the latest update it is useless! From one day to another! NOTHING is changed in my home! 9 out of 10 times it never finds the charging station. The tenth time it finds the station but decides to attack it continuously, never starting to charge. Turning it off, placing it manually in the station - it starts to charge immediately. Very often also completely "lost in space". So - what do you think I answer when I get the question if I recommend it? The answer is simple. And I try to tell as many as possible!...

    //Most disappointed-MaPe

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