Discover carpets + create carpet zones

I can see that the robot understands when it is on a carpet or not.
While cleaning on a carpet it powers up the vacuum more than regular wooden/tiled floor.
Meaning it can register, if the area below is carpet.

  • Carpets could be shown on map (different color zones?).
  • Carpets could be coverted into special cleaning zones (carpet only zone) - send only robot to clean specific carpet(s).

Currently there is no way to see where the carpet areas are from app or control cleaning them in any way, sadly.

Robot: Pure i9.2
Android app ver:
Robot software ver: 39.21

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  • AndrewAndrew Member
    edited December 2019

    Awesome idea! So often I’ll put the robot in the middle of our mats and press play. Would be great to be able to add these as auto-detected zones.

    Cheers, Andrew

    2x Pure i9

    Apple Homekit

  • JasonJason Member

    Hi. I agree with problem with carpets. I have made a zone for one carpet and to be sure it will not be avoided I send it only to this zone. But it means it has to go there and do the vacum of the carpet and than return to base. This will not do for not straight placed carpets through. I see no pupose in making a different of floor and carpet areas, can this funktion be removed or closed anyhow I’ll be thankful.

    Pure i9.2

    IOS 7.4

    Softwear 40.17

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