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Not sure if this is a bug or missing feature, but the discovered map that is shown on app does not update even if robot can access new areas that were not accessible during first full scan.

I'm using mostly the scheduled zone cleaning feature.
Since I have moved some furniture around, the robot can now move to new parts of rooms that were not previously discovered on full map.

While cleaning I can see from app that robot moves to new places and they are nicely drawn out as new borders of room, but these new discovered areas after cleaning is complete wont be added to the existing maps. Will there be in future better map updating maybe?!

PS. Robots home has staid always the same location.

Robot: Pure i9.2
Android app ver:
Robot software ver: 39.21

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  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    Yes it will. Once you add zones it won't change the map.

    So, either delete your zones. Or, add a new zone that overlaps an old one to force the bot into the new space.

    You can also change the size of the old zone to encompass the new area.

  • stickanstickan Member

    If I add a zone that is new, and have part of it in an existing zone, Pure wont enter the new zone. It returns. Why?

  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭


    As mrmegadeath says, the map is locked once you name it or add zones to it. So if you have opened up new floor space, we recommend that you erase the FloorPlan and make a new run where the robot can learn the new map. Then you lock it by naming it and adding zones, and you're back in business.

    We don't recommend having overlapping CleanZones. That may create the effect you describe: When the robot starts cleaning the second one of the overlapping zones, it starts in a more or less random point inside the zone. If that point is inside a part that is already cleaned, it will stop and consider itself done. This will not happen if the CleanZones don't overlap.

  • Related Question: my robot defaults to a map called “Everywhere”. I have created a map called Downstairs but I can’t find anyway to change the map from “Everywhere” to “Downstairs”. Ultimately I want to also make a map for upstairs but I don’t want to try that until I can fund a way to select the map I want instead of being stuck on the default “Everywhere” map. Please don’t tell me to use Zones. That is not the functionality I am looking for. Thanks Raz.

  • Correction. I meant “find a way”... not “fund a way”! Not offering to pay for someone to write new code into the app!!😂😂

  • OzLo809OzLo809 Member, Moderator mod

    Hi @grundyrosemary ,

    What "Everywhere" refers to, is that it will try to clean all reachable areas in the current location of the robot. Therefore, it doesn't matter if the robot is "Downstairs" or "Upstairs", since it will clean everything possible there. Moreover, after a couple of regions, the robot should recognize the area and draw the background map in the app. Note that starting from 41.14, the robot will draw the background map earlier if it was not moved between cleaning session.

    If I understand you correctly, what you are interested in is to be able to select a map so that the robot recognizes it immediately and then clean everywhere in that map. Is that correct?

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