Charger placement

MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

How have you placed your chargers?
I have experimented a bit with charger placement. Trying to hide it under furniture, it has worked quite well but was cumbersome to empty the dustbin. Now the charger is placed strategically so that the first room covered is the kitchen.


  • ErwinErwin Member

    I placed it "between " a sofa and a wall which has a heating, so I need anyhow some space there not to block the heat. Space is big enogh for the vac to go there and come out. But the Point about dust bin is fully valid... BUT: as I let it run when we are at work, I never realize during the week if the bin is full ;) .... push messages to inform ?

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    You have it now :)

  • jensjens Member

    Great enhancement to get the notification for dust bin full! Love it!

  • berlintapesberlintapes Member ✭✭

    Although the user guide recommends a certain amount of space around the charger, I have had no problems with it being hidden under my couch. Even with a solid coffee table in the way, the robot always finds home.

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Nice to hear that we are moving forward with placement possibilities.
    How do you remember to empty the dustbin when you don't see the robot? When everything is working as it should and the robot just does its daily task I have really easy to forget about emptying it even once a week. Do you have a special routine? :smile:

    That said even with forgetting about emptying sometimes for two whole weeks it still works quite well for me. THe dust is well packed and it keeps performance over time.

  • berlintapesberlintapes Member ✭✭

    I empty the dust bin when I take it upstairs to do the first floor every so often. To be honest I will rely on the robot to tell me - if it is happy to keep cleaning then I am happy to leave it until it tells me otherwise! :#

  • LaZiLaZi Member

    Hi I placed in front of the Cheminée, from my point of view very open accessible... BUT - he lost him self twice: 1st at the left side not finding back to the station, 2nd at the right side loosing him self in the kitchen and tried to dock in with my refrigerator. Could the metallic bottom cover in the kitchen and the metallic color at the Cheminée be an issue? thank you

  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    Hi, that looks like a very accessible charger placement, indeed! The metal bottoms could possibly be a problem that makes the charger hard to see from straight ahead (since the metal reflects the infrared laser very well), but I don't think it would confuse the robot to think that the refrigerator is the charger. It has the wrong reflective pattern and the wrong height. Did the robot really do the docking sequence (rotate on the spot, then slowly drive forward into the charger) at the refrigerator?

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