Brushbar fault

jtrot90jtrot90 Member

Good day all. I have noticed a lack in performance recently. I noticed a change in sound while operating. I lifted the bot and checked the brushbar. Manually rotating had little resistance to my fingers. There was a problem with the drivetrain. I dismantled the bot and found that the cast belt pulley had failed at the shaft crimp. I drilled and tapped the pulley and fashioned a grub screw from an m3 screw. The bot was reassembled and placed on charge. Hey presto! The brushbar is working once more. If there and hardware developers on the forum perhaps V2.0 can use grub screws straight up to prevent this happening again, especially since this is the high torque end of things.


  • Hi, nice fix! We know that the pulley sometimes came loose, so that has been fixed in later revisions of the robot.

    But please note that if you take your robot apart, the 3D sensor may loose its factory calibration and get an error in its distance measurements. So we don't recommend customers to do that - we always re-calibrate robots after they are taken apart, to ensure that the 3D sensor still works well.

  • jtrot90jtrot90 Member

    Is there a process I can follow to ensure the calibration is correct? I have not noticed any performance issues since the service but it cannot hurt to be sure.

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