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This is a new category of discussions that we would like to start having with you.
We would like to ask what you think of, and how you use certain features in the robot and the application.
We are trying to understand our system from your viewpoint so let us know your opinions on the topics coming. Let's start it in discussion form and see if we should go to a survey form later on.

Today's topic is scheduling
Starting with a few questions to get you warm but feel free to continue in free form

Do you have a schedule set for your robot?
If no, why?
If yes, why?

How often and why have you scheduled your robot?

Do you use zones while scheduling?

What should change to make scheduling better?

I hope you will jump in and give your opinion as it will greatly help us in designing the product to your liking.


  • coninoxconinox Member

    I use scheduling with zones for 3 days per weeks.
    These are the only 3 days for which I am pretty sure no one is at home.
    I'd prefer to use an API to include that with my domotic installation (I use home assistant), so I could run cleaning each time nobody is at home (linked with presence sensors) in a more dynamic way than in the scheduler.
    But IFTTT seems not very practical, and too limited to use zones.
    (And without zones, my robot go out on my balcony like if it was a room if a window have been left open)

  • WorkaWorka Member

    I use scheduling. My RX9 ist set to clean my Flat every day at 6.00 in the morning Weekdays and 9.00 Saturday and Sunday.

    I would like to set an avoid zone but at the moment avoid zones are not possible.

  • dsderftdsderft Member

    I don't use scheduling since I have cats and therefore a lot of cat toys scattered everywhere on the floor. Before cleaning I always remove the toys and the litter collecting carpet by their litterbox, since the robot struggles with that one.

  • I have kids and wife. Very happy about that :-) But, in order to clean for a human or a robot, kids' and wife(!)'s stuff have to be removed from the floor. So I don't use scheduling because of that and also because I have several floors that needs manual moving of the robot.

    I only use scheduling to use clean zones as that is the only option as of now. I would prefer to to have delayed start, like start in x minutes with the option to clean zones or everything. In that case I can prepare and make sure the robot starts after everyone has left the house.

    The clean zone feature is a great improvement! There is a annoying thing though with settings: you cannot set the time first and then change map because the entire screen will refresh when the mapped changed and forget about the time setting.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    We have a dog.He is aggressive against Purei9 and barks a lot.

    I'm moving the Purei9 at the time I take him out for a walk. Therefore, the schedule function is used only when you want to specify a zone. I set a schedule after a few minutes to go out.

  • vespamanvespaman Member

    Since zones arrived, I use scheduling, since using IFTTT does not support zones (and it is anyway not a very nice integration IMO). If we could have direct API (MQTT or whatever) for direct connection with HA system, it would be best.
    I have two machines, one upstairs, and one downstairs. The upstairs does diferent zone-combinations each day of week, the downstairs does full floor every morning.

  • RafaelRafael Member ✭✭✭

    I use the schedule function to set the robot to clean twice a week at the same time, based on cleaning needs. The scheduling is based when everyone is out at work.

    I always set to clean all zones (or all area), but when I see the robot missed ones (eg bathroom), I reschedule it then to clean only the missed zone.

    Some improvements I would like to see:

    • it seems we can schedule one cleaning per day, perhaps would be good to give the user the flexibility to define how many cleanings per day one should have
    • possibility to schedule via Google Assistant ("Hey Google, clean my home today at 12:00")
  • Running the robot while at home makes you go crazy; since I have regular working hours and leave really early schedules is the way to go. I need to make sure to clear the floor of toys and unnecessary subjects on these days, so it takes some consistency. I started with one day doing the whole flat and a second schedule for doing kitchen, corridor and dining room. After a while I switched to 4 scheduled days; I have adopted the areas cleaned to the capacity of the battery so that all runs are finished with one charge. The time spent charging is really a bummer with this machine. It seams like it should be possible to complete charging in half the time with some modifications to the hardware.

  • berlintapesberlintapes Member ✭✭

    I tried using scheduling for a while, but being a shift worker the robot inevitably ended up running at times when I was home. There are also a few mats I need to pick up which the robot gets caught on.

    I made an iOS automation that runs the robot automatically when I leave home during a certain time (so that it doesn’t run at night) which has worked out better for me.

    For the most part I just do manual cleans.

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member ✭✭

    I use schedules 90% of the time. My only wish is if I could override the system Eco mode, and set Eco mode or regular mode as part of the schedule.

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