Updating to new version (39.19)

when I try to update the current sotware (38.7) to new version, my pure i9 says " the sofware is not compatible...". I am not able to update sofware. What to do next?


  • zerowzerow
    edited October 8

    I have the same problem - bought it few days ago and when trying to update from my current version (29.50), I'll get the same message - " the software is not compatible...".

  • Hi Both,
    Start by trying a restart of the robot. For 29.50 you unfortunately need to unplug one of the batteries.
    Later versions can be restarted by pressing Play for 10 seconds, OFF will be displayed.
    When the display turns black insert it in to the charger to restart.
    Try the upgrade again.
    Please let us know how it goes.

  • Hi,
    the restart fixed the problem. Software updated.
    Thank You

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