What happend here?

AbdobeAbdobe Member

So it was cleaning the house when suddenly the map shifted 90 degrees and it was unable to find its way home to charge. It weny to a corner as on the map ans just went round and round. So i paused it and carried it to the charger that resulted that the whole map reset.


  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    Hi, this looks like a very odd case! I've labelled your image with three areas. My guess is that the robot started in part A and the cleaning went well until it reached part B. Did anyone lift it there, or could it have got stuck on something and had to untangle itself? It seems that the robot was disoriented, so it then re-cleaned area C but thought that it was a new part of the home. Then it matched area C to your FloorPlan, which caused the 90 degrees turn.

  • AmyAmy Member

    Mine has done this a couple of times. My carpet has quite a directional grain, that often causes the robot to get lost. Perhaps that's what caused your issue too?

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