Floor map distortions

Dino53Dino53 Member

Firmware 39.19, App version 7.0

I have been able to record a master map in FloorPlanner and it includes all the rooms I need to clean. I was then able to create various Zones on that map and got Hazel to selectively clean a rug in the TV area. So all of that is OK.

What concerns me is that the map itself does not match the shape of my apartment in many ways. I am not talking about small areas it missed, or small inaccuracies due to the spatial resolution of the mapping process. There are large distortions or displacements in the map. Hopefully these pictures will show you what I mean;

This is my apartment as it should appear after mapping and cleaning the rug (the small blue rectangular area).

And this is how the map actually appeared. Notice my L-shaped sofa, near the rug, is now completely missing. There are various displacements, distortions, missing walls etc., in the upper half of the map, and look where she thinks the rug was!

Given all the map errors, I am amazed she found the rug, cleaned it successfully and found her way back to the charging station.

Hazel is young and I am worried she is taking drugs. What can I do? :'(


  • Dino53Dino53 Member

    It has been 3 weeks since I described my problem of a badly mapped floor area and I asked how to fix it. No answers, not even a comment. I’m disappointed at the lack of response.

    Yes, I could delete the map and start all over again, but it takes the robot all day to completely map my apartment due to its need for several long recharge periods. And for all I know, it could end up having exactly the same problem. So I’m asking for some advice here.

    While waiting for someone to reply, there has been a software upgrade to 39.2 and I have installed that. Is it likely to solve my mapping problem?

  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator mod

    Sorry for the late response. Do I understand you correctly that you edited the first image and moved the blue area to where it should be and also added the sofa?

    Some rugs can make the robot get lost and the map will look strange whan it happens. It can later find its position and the updates made after that, will look correct. However, it can't fix the part of the map that got messed up because it was a bit lost.

    The offset of the blue area to where it should be looks like a SW bug. I will add it to our backlog.

    What you can do is to record a map without the rug. When the cleaning is done, add a zone to it to freeze the map. Put the rug back.

  • Dino53Dino53 Member

    Thanks for answering.

    The second map is what the robot generated.

    The first map is a manually edited version showing what the robot should have seen.. The white L-shaped area in the first map is where my sofa should appear and the blue rectangle in the first map is where my rug should have appeared..

    The robot has never acted like this before - its maps have always been fairly good representations of how my apartment looks and the rug has not been a problem. Only with software 39.19 did this strange behaviour happen.

    I will delete the Floor Map, and see if it does any better with the newly installed 39.20 software.

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